Our polymers can be used in a wide range of applications and variety of industries including,

Retail packaging & Bags

Packaging items are low in weight but high in strength, hence polymer packaging is a convenient way for the consumers and by personnel in the distribution chain, however this inadvertent overconsumption of single use plastics causes environmental pollution.

HydropolTM  is by far the best solution for ever growing plastic pollution crisis and replacement for conventional plastic packaging, as our polymer is upto 3 times stronger than any conventional plastics or bio plastics meaning less thickness more strength  and is water soluble too as well as being

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Fresh produce Packaging

Bakery Packaging

poly/paper Packaging

Grocery Packaging

Sandwich Packaging


Car paint protection, protect coating installation man

Automotive protective films – These films are used for surface protection of painted body parts and various other parts whilst production, transportation and whilst vehicle assembly including Carpet, painted plastic parts. These films are being made of high and low adhesion PE films with thickness ranging from 35 – 150µm

HydropolTM can replace the usage of current PE films which has excellent barrier and adhesion properties

Consumer Goods

Packaging is the biggest single use of plastic, accounting for more than a quarter of global demand with it being used in almost every application for daily use mainly within food and beverage products, personal hygiene, electronic devices, household appliances and grocery items which require packaging films.

These films which are used in manufacture of crisps, drinks, shampoo, laundry detergent etc. cause great amount of plastic pollution due to lack of recyclability. The concerns for Environmental pollution leading to health concerns have led to growth in demand for sustainable packaging.

HydropolTM can be considered to be the best solution of replacing the plastics that cause environmental pollution due to its end of life benefits.

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Paper Laminates

Metallised Films

Extrusion Coating

Flexible Packing


Surgeon doctor standing in hospital. Medical healthcare staff and doctor service.

To simplify medical waste with biodegradable plastics for eco-friendly and for lower carbon footprints

As per environmental experts the medical waste generated in India is estimated to be 1-2 kg per bed per day in a hospital and 600gm per day per bed in a clinic. 85% of the medical waste is non-hazardous and 15% is infectious / hazardous, therefore mixing of these would lead to contamination and becoming more hazardous.

A joint study release from Bio Medical Waste Management in 2018 show that India is likely to generate around 775 tons of medical waste per day by 2022 from current level of 550 tons clearly indicates the need for education towards proper bio-waste disposal.Hence it is necessary to identify the risk by using appropriate packaging, as improper disposal increases the risk of infection.

HydropolTM is the perfect solution and can be used in the following applications.

Laundry Bags (Alginate bags)

Infection control laundry bags




The world is now producing around 300 million tons of plastic every year off which 8.8 million tons dumped directly into our oceans. As a result major hotels and airlines have committed to removing plastic usage significantly, by way of removing plastic straws and usage of plastic water bottles where necessary.



Dry clean bags



Airline cutlery

Food Waste Bags.

Garbage Bags.


Row of baby tree on soil covered by plastic or mulching film in agriculture.

Mulching film – Plastic mulch is used to supress weeds and conserve water in crop production. These films help reduce the amount of water lost from the soil due to evaporation meaning less water needed for irrigation. These films also aid in evenly distributing moisture to the soil which reduces plant stress however these plastic films accumulate in soil therefore there is a requirement for biodegradable polymers

HydropolTM can provide more sustainable alternative to conventionally used plastics for mulch films.

Electrical & Electronics

Plastics are widely used within electronics packaging from ESD packaging to thermoformable materials.

HydropolTM is the best solution to replace conventional ESD packaging and also PETG applications as it is designed to naturally dissipate electrostatic energy.

tree growing on computer circuit board / green it


Hand of woman holding paper bags enjoy with shopping in the mall.

In the huge world of fashion industry, different sources of plastic are being used. By far the largest usage is polyethylene (PE) in packaging within garment poly bags, ecommerce mailing bags and various fillers materials.

HydropolTM is more sustainable biodegradable packing solutions that give you the power to integrate the principles of an enduring economy into your packaging and reduce your carbon footprint, customize your packaging with multiple ink colours, custom designs, branding and messaging and choose from a wide variety of sizes and closure types.

Garment bags

Fashion shopping bags

Mailer bags

Shopping Bag

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