Our polymers are specially formulated and innovative high quality polymer resin based on widely known Polyvinyl Alcohol (PVOH) which is produced in a pellet form and ready to use in a thermoplastic process and can be run on conventional plastic extruders.

Materials developed are functional and highly versatile that can be used in application as single material or in combination with other material that make all of the packaging recoverable and recyclable which also have excellent environmental credentials and are food safe.

Hydropol™ is well established to be completely ocean safe. Also hydrophilic – does not attract harmful toxins in the ocean. Breaks down to harmless particles which bioassimilate.

Hydropol™ is suitable for blown film extrusion for use as a single barrier layer, Multi-layer, metallisation, laminating on to paperboard or co-extruding with polyethylene (PE) or other traditional plastics and other biopolymers (PLA, cellulose). It can also be blended with other bio polymers.

Hydropol™ also has potential in injection moulding and thermoforming.


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  • High bi-axial strength and puncture resistance. Hydropol™ is 3 times stronger than polyethene film or any bio plastic film of same thickness
  • Solvent and petrochemical resistance
  • Oxygen barrier (equivalent to EVOH)
  • Crystal clear film with excellent anti-static properties
  • Water soluble at temperatures. Warm water from 10°C onwards and Hot water from 70°C
  • Capable of significantly extending the shelf life of certain foods due to its hydrophilic nature. High Water Vapour Transmission Rates (WVTR)
  • Capable of being printed on directly, excluding the need for ‘corona’ treatment and good for heat sealing
  • Laminates or co-extrudes naturally with other polymers reducing need for multi-layer films and tie-layers
  • 100% biodegradable, compostable and recyclable
  • Hydropol™ is designed to naturally dissipate electrostatic energy
  • Hydropol™ is naturally resistant to UV light

Material Properties


Hot Water Soluble

HydropolTM is hydrophilic (water liking) and has no propensity to attract toxins or form micro plastics and has been certified to be non-toxic to marine fauna.


Warm Water Soluble

HydropolTM is a hydrophilic material and can breakdown due to the reaction with water.



HydropolTM is inherently biodegradable, when given the right balance of environment and microbial presence it will biodegrade to carbon dioxide, water and mineralised natural biomass.



Through use of a closed-loop system, the polymer can be recovered from the PVOH via a simple chemical process and re-pelletized ready for reuse.


High Strength

A highly flexible polymer which is approximately 3 times stronger than bio plastics/polyethene and 2 times stronger than HDPE of same gauge.



HydropolTM is benign in the environment and non-toxic to marine life, so if recovery for recycling is not required the dissolved polymer can be washed away safely with wastewater.


Marine Safe

HydropolTM is hydrophilic (water liking) and has no propensity to attract toxins or form micro plastics and has been certified to be non-toxic to marine fauna.


Heat Sealable

HydropolTM can be heat sealed using standard heat sealing processes.


Anaerobic Digestion

Unlike most plastics, HydropolTM is compatible in AD systems. Tests show that a 30 micron thick film passed the AD system and post analysis showed no fragments in the biodigestate or residence in the digester.


Electrostatic Resistant

HydropolTM is designed to naturally dissipate electrostatic energy


Ultra-violet Resistant

HydropolTM is naturally resistant to UV light



As HydropolTM has been formulated into a standard plastic pellet, it stable in normal storage conditions

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