• High bi-axial strength and puncture resistance. Hydropol™ is 3-4 times stronger than polyethene film or any bio plastic film of same thickness
  • Solvent and petrochemical resistance
  • Oxygen barrier (equivalent to EVOH)
  • Crystal clear film with excellent anti-static properties
  • Water soluble at temperatures. Warm water from 20°C onwards and Hot water from 70°C
  • Capable of significantly extending the shelf life of certain foods due to its hydrophilic nature. High Water Vapour Transmission Rates (WVTR)
  • Capable of being printed on directly, excluding the need for ‘corona’ treatment and good for heat sealing
  • Laminates or co-extrudes naturally with other polymers reducing need for multi-layer films and tie-layers
  • 100% biodegradable, compostable and recyclable
  • Hydropol™ is designed to naturally dissipate electrostatic energy
  • Hydropol™ is naturally resistant to UV light

As an international partner for Hydropol™, water soluble and biodegradable plastic granules, we have identified the need to create a plastic technology that has full functionality which is also recyclable and is environmentally safe.

Vibha Ecopac is a professional and service oriented organisation with main business activity in manufacturing and distribution of biodegradable / compostable and water soluble plastic granules and finished products through our channel partners across India.

Our expert team has decades of experience in the field of polymer industry and in the field of sales and distribution.

We offer full technical support with the trials and also provide bespoke service based on end application.

We are also in the process of engaging our services within the waste management sector to identify the recovery/recycling the products to be repelletised for ready to use.