30120 series

The Hydropol 30120 series is a hot water soluble grade and suitable principally for blown film applications.

30160 series

The Hydropol 30160 series is a hot water soluble grade and can be used for most thermoplastic processes.

33100 series

The Hydropol 33100 series is a warm water soluble grade and particularly suitable for extrusion coating or laminating onto paper or paperboard.


As an international partner for Hydropol™, water soluble and biodegradable plastic granules, we have identified the need to create a plastic technology that has full functionality which is also recyclable and is environmentally safe.

Vibha Ecopac is a professional and service oriented organisation with main business activity in manufacturing and distribution of biodegradable / compostable and water soluble plastic granules and finished products through our channel partners across India.

Our expert team has decades of experience in the field of polymer industry and in the field of sales and distribution.

We offer full technical support with the trials and also provide bespoke service based on end application.

We are also in the process of engaging our services within the waste management sector to identify the recovery/recycling the products to be repelletised for ready to use.